1. Photo by Arthur Rothstein
    Texas, USA, march 1936

    A car is chased by a “black blizzard” in the Texas Panhandle. Example of daily life in the dust bowl period

  2. Photo by Dorothea Lange
    Coldwater District, north of Dalhart, Texas, USA, 1938

    A Dustbowl farm. This house is occupied; most of the houses in this district have been abandoned. The Dust Bowl, also known as the Dirty Thirties, was a period of severe dust storms that greatly damaged the ecology and agriculture of the US and Canadian prairies during the 1930s; severe drought and a failure to apply dryland farming methods to prevent wind erosion (the Aeolian processes) caused the phenomenon. The dust bowl led to extreme emigration, within already troubled times: the great depression

  3. Photo by Unknown
    All rights go out to AP Photos
    Northern Spain, 30 December 1936

    A fascist machine gun squad, backed up by expert riflemen, hold a position along the rugged Huesca front in northern Spain.

  4. Photo by unknown
    All rights go out to AP Photos
    Madrid, Spain, 19 march 1938

    Three hundred fascist insurgents were killed in this explosion in Madrid, Spain, under the five-story Casa Blanca building. Government loyalists tunneled 600 yards over a six-month period to lay the land mine that caused the explosion.

  5. Photo by Unknown

    Normandy, France, 6 June 1944

    US Paratroopers To France D-Day Normandy 1944

  6. Photo by unknown

    Normandy, France, 6 June 1944

    An American soldier inspects a captured German Bunker.

  7. Photo by Unkown

    St. Lo, Normandy, France, 1944

    US Soldiers Celebrate with French Civilians St Lo Normandy 1944.

  8. Photo by Guy Le Querrec
    All rights go out to Magnum Photos, inc.
    8th arrondissement. 7 Rue Saint-Florentin, Paris
    Friday 19th July, 1985.
    Between 5.00pm and 7.00pm.
    Jean Patou couture house, designer Christian LACROIX.

    Last fittings before the presentation of the winter collection 1985-1986 at the Pavillon Gabriel on the Monday 22nd. Selection of shoes.

  9. Photo by Robert Cappa
    All rights go out to Magnum Photos, inc.

    An American fighter pilot in Tunisia, April 1943. The swastikas under the cockpit showed how many enemy planes the pilot had shot down.

  10. Photo by Robert Cappa
    All rights go out to Magnum Photos, inc.
    Near Troina, Italia, August 4-5, 1943.

    Sicilian peasant telling an American officer which way the Germans had gone.